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Sign up for the Fort Troff Army as an official Fort Troff Affiliate and start earning cash today!

Fort Troff, a ten-year veteran of the edgiest gay kink, is the most trusted online source for quality merchandise, superb customer service, and fast delivery of products you won’t find anywhere else. All products with the official Fort Troff seal of approval have been thoroughly researched, reviewed, and abused by our testers to protect the safety and comfort of our customers. We’ll be there when no other company will – down in the trenches of your wildest fantasies.

What is a Fort Troff Affiliate?

As a member of the Fort Troff Affiliate Program, you are a content creator who provides recommendations to inspire your audience via social media.

How do I qualify for this program?

We accept applications from all types of influencers, provided you have a YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, or other social media accounts. When reviewing your application, we look at the number of followers you have in addition to other engagement metrics.

How can I monetize my content?

You can monetize your social media content by sharing your unique affiliate coupon code. The use of that unique coupon code will be tracked to calculate the total number of sales made, and commission from said sales. There is a $500 minimum threshold for payouts. Once an affiliate makes at least $500 in commission it will trigger a payout and a check will be sent to the applicant's address on file. An average Fort Troff customer spends about $300 to $400 per order. You can track your earnings by logging onto the affiliate program on the Fort Troff webpage.

How much will I earn?

You can start earning commission when your followers make qualifying purchases via your unique coupon code at checkout. The amount you earn is based on the products sold. Commission structures can be found below; and based on sales, an affiliate can request a higher commission rate of up to 20% and will be determined upon review by Fort Troff.

Our Affiliate Rewards scale with Sale Volume:

- 15% of monthly gross sales up to $3,500

- 20% of monthly gross sales over $3,500*

Posting On Fort Troff Official Pages:

Affiliates cannot promote their code directly on any Fort Troff official social media pages and/or social media posts unless explicitly told otherwise by the program manager. Fort Troff will also not directly share, repost or promote any one affiliate's code over another.

Monthly Allowance:

Once accepted into the Affiliate Program you are eligible for a monthly allowance of $200 USD in store credit to purchase store items needed to make content. This amount does not roll over to following months, and at the begging of every month will be restored to it's original $200 value regardless of what was used in the previous month. The allowance will only be issued as store credit and cannot be cashed out. Affiliates cannot use their own coupon codes or any other affiliate's codes to receive commission from this monthly allowance. Larger, more expensive store items such as furniture can be requested for from the affiliate program manager and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Earning money has never been easier. Support the team that supports you and your freedom of sexuality. Join the Fort Troff Affiliate Program today!

Commission structure

Title Commission form Commission
Standard Percentage 15%
15% a Percentage 15%
15% b Percentage 15%
7.5% Percentage 7.5%
25% a Percentage 25%
25% b Percentage 25%

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* The password must be at least 8 characters long. Don't use passwords for other accounts or weak, easy-to-guess passwords.